Black Women Save the Union, Elect Democrat Doug Jones

doug jones

By now everyone has heard the news that Democrat Doug Jones has handily beaten GOP candidate and accused child molester, Roy Moore. I say “handily” but the truth is not just anyone’s hands were responsible for the historic Dem victory in deeply red state Alabama. Here are some key take-aways:

  • Mitch McConnell is going to delay Jone’s swearing in until after passing the deeply unpopular tax bill, circumventing the will of US voters in favor of their paymasters.
  • Black women were largely responsible for Jone’s victory as Black voters constituted a third of the entire electorate. Black women voted 98% for Jones. Black men went 93% for Jones.
  • Jone’s campaign made mistakes in outreach to Black communities, but Jones was responsible for prosecuting the 16th street church bombing, so cut him some slack.
  • White Alabamians are weirdly okay with accusations of pedophilia or seriously devoted to tax reform for the rich, although Jone’s 30% support among white voters (particularly educated woman, both black and white) is historic for the region.

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