Episodes 109-116

Your hosts: Melissa Kay Anderson-Vincent and Nyaze Vincent

I could make a lot of excuses for why I don’t update the site regularly or why I don’t post our actual podcast eps to all our social media the day they come out, and then support them with secondary marketing throughout their lifespan. I could do that, (makes excuses, I mean) but I won’t. Because by this point, you either realize that Melissa and I are SUPER busy raising our kids and making a living in Los Angeles or you don’t care and why bother. Either way, you’re going to get some podcasts until we stop. And we hope you enjoy them or at least we hope you enjoy feeling smarter than everyone else with us as we rummage through the garbage bin of our collective American psyche.

Anyway, here are the last 7 or so episodes you had no idea about if you only come to this website and don’t actually subscribe to the feed.

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